scavenger project

Monday, 10 November 2008

I have just finished my entries for the scavenger project competition.  It is with the art house co-op and design for mankind.  Basically you enter and then the art house send you a list and you have to come up with something creative for each item on the list, the best ones then get made into a book - good eh?!  

This is a little thumbnail sheet of my entries.  Fingers crossed some of them make it into the book!

there is a group on flickr where you can keep up to date on everyones progress:


Lesley Denford said...

I love the thumbnail collage of your entries...can't wait to see what goes into the book! I didn't participate because of a lack of time, so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's work.

Caroline Hancox said...

thanks! its a shame you couldn't do it but it was quite time consuming and i couldn't finish the whole list but it was fun, and fingers crossed the book will look great. you should definately do something for them next time x

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