New Look

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How do you like my new look? I love the bigger pictures, I was getting frustrated when I could see all the lovely blogs with giant pictures and couldn't figure it out. Until i actually made the effort to google the answer and here you go BIG PICTURES and it wan't even that hard to do!

I have not uploaded any images from 114 miles for ages so here are the ones I have forgotten to do. To see who's is who's (if you can't guess) go over to mine and Ian's blog to find out everything that you would possibly want to know ever!


Janine said...

Picture perfect! Love it:)

Caroline Hancox said...

thanks Janine

Li + Belle said...

Your new look is beautiful, and your photos too.

Galit said...

Funny you :)
It does looks better. I thought you made it on purpose, posting small size photos.

Hey, next time if you have this kind of question I'll be happy to help you out! You know where to find me :)

Caroline Hancox said...

Ahh thanks, and next time I will definitely call on you! thanks hun

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