Prettiest Cows in the World

Friday, 10 December 2010

We found these Alpine cows on a mountain plain in a meadow high up in the mountains around Lake Garda, they just have the prettiest little faces. I also love the cow bells they wear around their necks it is such a beautiful sound to hear ringing around the mountain tops. Although if I were the cow wearing the bell, I think I'd get a bit annoying when it went jingling every time I move anywhere!


Janine said...

No way. I recently just visited Italy and Lake Garda was by far my favourite place! And yes, I can still hear them cow bells jingling away in my memory:) Glad I stumbled upon your blog... I really admire your style of photography. xJanine

Caroline Hancox said...

Thankyou, I've just been to your blog to see your photos of Italy - the venice ones in the early morning are stunning, I have only been when its heaving with people so it was lovely to see it empty!

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