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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Claire and Liam, you rock xx

Cornwall in July

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Oh it was hot and beautiful, nowhere quite like Cornwall in the sun.

Tent dent!

Can we have a bit more summer please?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Pretty Please?!  We're clinging onto the very last drops of it here!  Don't go yet, we're not finished!!!  I love Autumn but this summer has just been so perfect that I'll be very sad to see it go.

Old Treasures

Monday, 2 September 2013

Photos are amazing.  I know, I know I would say this but they really and truely are.  They have the power to take you instantly back to a place or feeling or a memory that I think is super special.  For example I was reminded of this fact this morning.  I found these 2 photos that I took about 4-5 years ago and they instantly took me back to a wonderful weekend that we spent on a Canal barge near Market Harborough one very very very sunny March.  Kind of gave me a nice fuzzy feeling inside remembering all the other things that we have done over the years with lots of truly wonderful friends.  I know that sounds so completely and utterly sappy but photos and memories are important so I right now I don't care if I sound sappy or not!!

The first one was taken where we had moored up for the evening (check me out - I know the words and everything!) and John and Chris were fishing (didn't catch anything, well maybe a bit of old plastic bag or other canal scum - romantic!) but in this photo I can actually feel the unseasonably warm sun going down and can remember that we were drinking beers on the river bank before we went out to explore and find a pub for dinner.  It reminds me that the pub we stumbled upon had some kind of open mic night and that we stayed drinking with the locals until staggering back across the fields to the barge in the pitch dark.

The one above is the famous Foxton Locks (I say famous, I had never heard of it until we pulled up in front of what looked like a never ending view of locks to get though, little bit intimidating!) Armed with our river key, the help of the lock keeper and all the tourists we made it through all of them, I think there is 10 in total.  The photo reminds that slightly daunting feeling as we approached the top and then the relief of getting through and not sinking the boat (you have to keep the boat forward in the lock or the world will end - or something like that!) or flooding the pub at the bottom which apparently is a possibility.  This photo also reminds me of the weed hatch - which is the inspection cover that you have to check to make sure that you aren't picking up weeds to clog up the engine, it reminds me that we giggled at the name (weed hatch - he he he!).  It reminds me that later on in the day, we almost got the boat stuck sideways in the canal - best not ask about that and it reminds me of the pub quiz that we almost almost won, it was a music quiz we're pretty good at those!

Basically what I am trying to say is that photos are amazing and everyone should take more.  Something which is equally important and often forgotten about (I am guilty of this) is to print our photos.  Remember the excitement of getting a film back from being developed (usually from Boots in my case, I can still see the packaging!) and looking through them all?  It is great to have a tangible thing to hold rather than I bunch of megapixels and computer code.  Also I like to look through my Mum and Dads photo albums, so beautifully put together with dates and captions. it is like delving into the past I want to think that people will be able to do that with my photos ones day and albums and prints will make this easier.

Thanks Johny

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Last month when it was the hottest week of the year (and for the past 27 million years) we went on holiday to Cornwall.  It was pretty amazing, we camped practically on the cliff top, swam in the sea everyday, ate ice cream every day, walked a much further distance along the coastal path than I think we meant too and discovered Cornish Rattler cider.  I got to enjoy all of this with this guy.  He is amazing, wonderful and not to mention.........HOT!

Thanks John, more photos to follow but they are being scanned by the UK Film lab as we speak!

All photos taken with phone, polaroid and Impossible project film or underwater disposable camera (love those beauties!)

Some Photos

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Today I stumbled across the work of  Tim Melideo and more specifically his zines which I have completely fallen for, got over excited and bought a couple (or 3).  The zines were a way for him to keep up with his personal work whilst working as a commercial photographer.  "Plunging directly into commercial photography, Tim realized that his sense of art needed just as much attention as his commercial endeavors. Tim came up with the idea to publish an annual zine titled Some Photos Zine, each documenting a specific theme" (quote from Tim found via VSCO journal).  

By setting himself little projects and deadlines every month he was forced to get out there and shoot some stuff for no other reason than just for the hell of it.  This is something that I have spoken about before that I struggle with and I am going to take a leaf out of his book and set myself little projects too.  I particularly like his one of 'Some trees on their own'.  They are really simple little ideas but so effective and just give you that little edge to go out and produce stuff.  This was something that Joanna Brown and I talked about when I went to see her and it seems her advice did sink in (yay!) as I have been subconsciously doing it myself over the summer (I have developed a liking for taking photos of washing lines, although this isn't a new liking, see photo above from Macedonia years ago, but the love has been rekindled, more on this in another post!)

What I guess I am saying is that I think his idea is fab and I am going to try and integrate something like this into my everyday life starting with Some Washing Lines and then moving onto Some Trees!

Complete and utter couple crush on these two

Monday, 22 July 2013

Thats all


Thursday, 27 June 2013

We weren't lucky enough to get Glastonbury tickets this year, despite around 10 of us in different parts of the country clicking the refresh button on numerous open web tabs trying our best at 9am on a Sunday morning back in October (possibly November?).  But hey ho I'm not bitter (thats a lie, I'm totally jealous, can't go next year either so that makes it double hard), it would be OK though and I could forget about it but BBC 6 music keep banging on about how amazing it is going to be and how EVERYONE is going.  Combine that with the million (thats right its at least a million) Facebook status updates keep telling me that "we're on their way - woop" or "glastonbury here we come!!!"  Instead I have had a little delve through my old photos of Glastonbury to reminisce and am looking forward to a friends gig on Saturday, 2 engagement shoots and watching the best bits on the TV - who needs Glastonbury anyway.  I suppose if I really have withdrawal symptoms I could just camp in the garden and not wash all weekend - that may cause a problem on the engagement shoots though so maybe not!  I am also assuming that by Friday everyones phone will of died anyway so that will be an end of the status updates, he he!!  I suppose you could call it Karma for gleefully sharing my own photos on Facebook last time we went, know I know what it feels like to be the one at home.

I'm only half joking though, have a fab time all you lucky lucky people heading down there you'll have a blast, just remember not to camp at the bottom of a hill, too near the toilets and if you can get near-ish  to a big flag or other landmark so you can find your tent again when you may be a little worse for wear at 3 in the morning!


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