Love or hate 365 days?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

I'm having a bit of a love hate relationship with my 365 days project.  If you have looked at my flickr page you will see that I havn't uploaded any images for a while, I have been taking them but I just havn't had time for the edit and upload of them!  I think that on one hand 365 is a good idea because it makes you think about photography everyday and it encourages you to shoot something everyday but I think about photography all the time anyway - the only problem now is that it is focused on one particular area and not thinking up fabulous new projects to do.  I feel a bit pressured to come up with something every day and am starting to get annoyed by it, especially when the photo hasn't come out exactly as I want and i feel I am uploading not my best stuff.  I am thinking about changing the project to one amazing well though out, planned and executed photo a week, so 52 weeks not 365 days!  I don't want to give it up completely and I don't want this project to beat me but I feel it is having a negative impact on my work as I just don't have enough time to come up with meaninful images.  Saying that though, some of the photos I have taken for this project I am really really happy with so maybe it is a good thing?  I'll see how it goes, watch this space, or rather watch my flickr page!

On a happier note - Chatel photos this weekend - woohoo!!


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