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Monday, 27 April 2009

Its getting a bit close now to finishing my degree, only 2 weeks to finish my showcase project and write 3 essays (which I have been putting off for about a year!) I've just been choosing which images from the book should go on the walls for the exhibition.  Here is one that didn't make it onto the wall:

and one that did:

Interestingly I decided not to put 2 of my favourites into the exhibition because they didn't really work with the rest of the work as a whole.  In the end it was more of a case of getting the balance right and thinking about the exhibition as a whole which swung the decision rather than individual images.  So I had to let 2 of my favouites slip through!  They are in the book though, so that is OK and also the book is the most important thing.  Tomorrow, I take the chosen 14 images to the printers, so I now have a whole evening of changing my mind ahead of me!


RHIANNON said...

good luck, I'm sure you have made the right decisions. I have never been good at cracking on with essays, perhaps some of us like the rush at the end.

Caroline Hancox said...

Ha, i think its the pressure! i need it to get typing!

The exhibition is at Anglia Ruskin University gallery (not sure where exactly in the university that is yet!) from the 18th June, come along


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