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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I want to conduct a little experiment (I am a photographer for the Chemistry Department after all, some of it must of rubbed off!) and I need your help or interest.

Basically I have a boring blank wall in my living room and I would love to decorate it with a few choice 6x4 inch swapped photographs. I thought it would be a nice idea to swap as it is a good way of sharing art and brightening up everyones day. So I am asking you all if you would be interested in swapping a 6 x 4 inch 300dpi file of a photograph for one of mine? - you get to choose from my photos which one you want.

Just in case I get loads and loads of responses to this post (you never know!) the space I have in mind isn't huge so I may not be able to swap with everyone - please don't be offended.

If you are interested then leave a comment in the comments section with a link to your work or an email address or email me directly. I have already swapped a few photos with some lovely people on flickr and so far my little wall is going to look fab!!!


Clare B said...

I love this idea and would love to swap a photo if you want one of mine :)

Caroline Hancox said...

ooo, how exciting - first taker! thanks Clare, I'm going over to Flickr now!

Li + Belle said...

I am also excited about the idea. I am happy to swap photos with you. I would like to renovate my living room and make the new walls - so at any time.

You can see my photos on my blog:



Caroline Hancox said...

Fab! I've send you an email via flickr

Ashley said...

I would love to do a swap with you if you still have any space on your wall. Here are some of my bests.

Nicole said...

Hi Caroline. I'd love to. Check out my flickr or my blog.

My contact email's on the blog :-)


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