The Alps

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Its taken a while but I have finally got a chance to properly sort out the photos from The Alps. So in celebration of everything spring like (!) I bring you photos of some snow! I have a bunch of these and will try not to bore you with them all but mountains are my favourite things so you might have to bare with me.


Beth said...

No! Please bore us! I love your mountain and skiing shots! The make me wish I was there in every way! Thank you for posting these gorgeous shots!

Ann said...

Oh no! Clearly I have the willpower of a snail and came here to stare at your photos anyway. And I love them Sigh! Especially the last one, the colours, the sky, the little skiers!
LOVE it.

(Not sure how much willpower snails have? I assume little.)

Caroline Hancox said...

Ahhm thanks ladies, and Beth, you've asked for it now - expect lots of little tiny skiiers galore tomorrow!

prettylittlethieves said...

i love mountains! and these photos are beautiful! can't wait to see more.

Krystal said...

you will never bore me, mountains are my favorite too!!!

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