Thursday, 27 June 2013

We weren't lucky enough to get Glastonbury tickets this year, despite around 10 of us in different parts of the country clicking the refresh button on numerous open web tabs trying our best at 9am on a Sunday morning back in October (possibly November?).  But hey ho I'm not bitter (thats a lie, I'm totally jealous, can't go next year either so that makes it double hard), it would be OK though and I could forget about it but BBC 6 music keep banging on about how amazing it is going to be and how EVERYONE is going.  Combine that with the million (thats right its at least a million) Facebook status updates keep telling me that "we're on their way - woop" or "glastonbury here we come!!!"  Instead I have had a little delve through my old photos of Glastonbury to reminisce and am looking forward to a friends gig on Saturday, 2 engagement shoots and watching the best bits on the TV - who needs Glastonbury anyway.  I suppose if I really have withdrawal symptoms I could just camp in the garden and not wash all weekend - that may cause a problem on the engagement shoots though so maybe not!  I am also assuming that by Friday everyones phone will of died anyway so that will be an end of the status updates, he he!!  I suppose you could call it Karma for gleefully sharing my own photos on Facebook last time we went, know I know what it feels like to be the one at home.

I'm only half joking though, have a fab time all you lucky lucky people heading down there you'll have a blast, just remember not to camp at the bottom of a hill, too near the toilets and if you can get near-ish  to a big flag or other landmark so you can find your tent again when you may be a little worse for wear at 3 in the morning!



Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so jealous too, but I've never been, and haven't done a big festival for years! 6music whilst doing design homework will have to do for me this weekend :)

These photos are gorgeous though, really capture the festival atmosphere so well!

Caroline Hancox said...

Thanks, glad you like them and glad I'm not the only jealous one!

Next year is festival year for sure!

enigmas said...

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Celina Smith said...

The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great Photos and inspiration, both of which we all need!Keep 'em coming... you do such a great job with your photos...

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