Monday, 18 August 2008

This is some very very exciting news that I can't believe I havn't mentioned on my blog before but I'll do it now instead!  I have got myself a job taking photographs of a chalet in Chatel in the French Alps!!  It is so exciting, possibly my dream job, combining photography and my love of the mountains!  Couldn't be better.  The job will be some interior shots and also some exterior ones of the chalet and local area, my boyfriend is coming along too which he is incredibly happy about as he gets to play on his bike in the mountains, so it is all round excellent.  I'm not nervous either yet, just excited, I'm sure nerves will come, in face they will definatley come - probably on the plane, I'll be sitting there worrying that my bags have gone to outer mongolia and I am going to turn up in France without my tripod or something else essential! fingers crossed that won't happen.  The photos are going to be used on the chalets new and improved website, here is the current website:

I'll post the photos and updated website link when I am back from France.


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